Saturday, March 1, 2008

> stand up for truth, justice and change but be home at 8pm

i thanked that my friend gilleth and i finished not too late in the afternoon of feb 29. we were invited by a de la salle u prof to read excerpts from 2 plays for the arts congress in dlsu. (pity us! the organizers could have just used a classroom for the arts congress. the huge yuchengco theatre seemed empty with less than 50 in the audience.) why, oh, why did they have to push through with this event. most of de la salle's students, teachers and even brothers would probably be in ayala, makati!

and that interfaith rally (vs corruption, zte-nbn lies and cover-ups, arroyo and administration) in ayala corner paseo de roxas was where this "makibaka, 'wag matakot" veteran wanted to be.

i hurriedly bid gilleth goodbye, and LRTied and MRTied (rode the 2 train lines) to buendia station. i hailed a jeep and got down at the corner of paseo de roxas-buendia. good that while still in dlsu, i changed into my lakbayera mode outfit -- jeans, mojo sandals and backpack. I was ready for the not so short walk from that corner to the other end of paseo near ayala, where i was to meet the hubby. it was almost 6pm when i reached our meet place.

"Let's walk closer to the crowd near the stage," i urged the hubby who readily led the way. yup, nearer so we could feel the energy of the rally and take some interesting shots.

"makikiraan lang po," as we excused and squeezed through the crowd. everytime we could find more-or-less our own space to occupy, i took photos as we chanted with the crowd or listened to speeches, thankfully short.

here are some photos of the feb 29 rally as we got nearer the stage. pov: moving towards the intersection of paseo de roxas and ayala ave.

excuse us, please!

banners galore! there were more banners, of course.
but they had to be folded/furled so those at the back could see the stage.

tell me, is that the exit to ayala ave?

kaya pala nawawala ang walis sa bahay nyo, eh!

message in the bottles -- Peace!

Need i say more?

j. lo with a phalanx of nuns behind him.

j. lo bravely states his stand for truth, justice and change


the head

at half past 7pm, we left a still huge crowd, with people who just left work still joining in. permit allowed the rally until 8pm. the protest action peacefully ended at 9.

but we had to rush home. we were tired and hungry and... and...and. fortunately, way home was unbelievably traffic-free! and fortunately, we were just on time to catch american idol's elimination night at 8pm! yeepee! ramiele malubay is still in!

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