Wednesday, March 5, 2008

> sick of e-guilt?

blogger's N.B. -- readers of this post commented that they can't access the link or the url below. there was no problem when i tested the link or the url after publishing the post. this time, i checked it again. indeed, the link is kaput and nothing appears after copying and pasting the url. so sorry, guys!

got an e-mail this morning re "sick of e-guilt".

click here, or copy and paste and
enjoy the trip.


Hootin' Anni said...

Regarding the unsubscribing in gmail...I am sorry that I don't have an account with that email server, but I did look this up in Gmail "Help" section and found this.

Click on the link I'm providing and read some of the questions and answers. It may be of some help for you. I'm thinking that maybe the part where you check your 'contacts' and/or your previous emails saved - the ones received before - you may get that email to re-open and then add it to your subscriptions again.

Good luck.

here is the link
Gmail Help

or this one...
Help Center

Charlotte said...

I clicked on the link. Nothing came up. Just a blank page.???
Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comments you left. Yes, I would like to keep in touch.
Have a great day.

lui lakbayera said...

hi, charlotte! am sorry to learn that the link didn't work out. but it did yesterday when i tested it. perhaps you can be luckier next time. by the way, i edited the post and included the link's url. thanks again. :)

Charlotte said...

I still can't get it. I thought maybe my pop-up blocker was the problem so I turned it off. Still can't get it.

Charlotte said...

Good morning - maybe good evening for you?
I'm convinced it's my computer that is preventing me from accessing this. I turned off pop-up blocker and everything else I thought would be blocking it, but it's still blocked.
The yellow mimosa is beautiful. I love the lavender ones. The yellow is just as pretty.