Saturday, March 8, 2008

> int'l women's day -- a mimosa for you, girl!

greetings to all women today!

much have been written about the celebration of the international women's day, and the plight and struggles of women worldwide.

today, let me just post this yellow mimosa flower i photoed march 8 of last year. the bunch was given to me by signora cristina fabris, an ex-boss while i was living in italy that time. it has been a practice especially in italy to give yellow mimosa to women during women's day.

a while ago, i googled about mimosa and found out that this yellow mimosa is from Acacia dealbata (Silver Wattle), which is not a true mimosa, says wikipedia.

i haven't seen such flower in the philippines. we have here a different mimosa though, the real one, i suppose. it's color is lavander not yellow. others call it touch-me-not or sensitive plant. in the philippines, we call it makahiya (the root word, hiya, means shy) since it's leaves fold inward or shrink when touched or exposed to heat.

i'm glad that the flowers given to women on international women's day are not of the makahiya variety. women these days no longer fold inward or shrink when handled the wrong way. they have learned to empower themselves and assert for what is fair, just and right.

auguri, donne!

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