Wednesday, March 19, 2008

> is blogging a slacker job? -- an ongoing study

i have much to learn on how to be a good blogger and an interesting writer. thus, i invest some time to learn the ropes by reading posts of the more established bloggers. one of them, connie veneracion, maintains several blogs like the mommy journals, where i first read the post about the recent column of the controversial malu fernandez on blogging.

i felt i had to leave a comment after reading connie's post and so i wrote: "...what got me was this: '…blogging…is a slacker job or a medium and pastime for lonely people to connect' -- which triggers me to start a research on bloggers by reading their “about me” sections as an initial step to know if malu f’s statement has any basis. (i am more sociologically inclined so i would reserve the loneliness research to psychologists.) subjects will be the top pinoy and filipino-descent bloggers as listed in Technorati’s Philippine Top 100 Blogs which i read in yugatech’s blog."

to start the research rolling, i googled for studies done about filipino bloggers and found posts in now what, cat? and filipino librarian. there might be more that i have not discovered yet. do you know of other researches? please tell me.

the findings of the said studies were limited to hits, gender, location, blog category, ranking, url/software used, update frequency, among others.

nowhere did i find any data about what the bloggers "do for a living or are busy with" to validated or invalidate that "blogging... is a slacker job." and this i will focus on.

as i said, i've chosen Technorati’s Philippine Top 100 Blogs to be a reference point of my pet study. however, the post says, "The current list may change on a daily basis and may not reflect the actual standings. This list will be updated as regularly as possible." i can't find the date when the list was published. so this leads me now to join the yugatech forums and ask for an updated version of the list, if any. i might just have missed the update when i reviewed the blog's archive.

i am serious about this study and i might in fact write the pinoy bloggers in the list in cases where there is lack of information about themselves.

it may take quite sometime for me though to finish the research as i am not lacking in other activities/work at home and outside the home. so bear with me, please.


Jake said...

a slacker job? maybe ako because i'm jobless right now, but to say blogging is a slacker job? i don't think so.

this is a new media, and all these "old" people can call blogging any name they want just because they can accept change or accept something new.

parang theatre, diba women were not accepted before sa theatre, so yung mga early women performers were called whores!

some bloggers are also like any other writers of any medium, some are trying to hide their identity using "pen names" or any names for so many reasons. blogging since a new medium at talaga namang buong mundo ang nakakabasa sa'yo, hindi kailangang ibulatlat ang pagkatao mo sa mundo, at vulnerable ka pa sa comments ng mga nagco-comment lang talaga dahil para mang-inis! para din silang mga "critics", may pumupuna ng maganda at may pumupuna ng masasakit na salita.

ang haba ng sinabi ko! basta it's not a slacker job!

yun lang!

lui lakbayera said...

thanks, jake. kahit isang mahabang treatise pa ang isulat mo, welcome na welcome. hehehe.

Jake said...

"this is a new media, and all these "old" people can call blogging any name they want just because they can accept change or accept something new."

i mean "can't accept...)

Pedestrian Observer GB said...

Are you sure you want to take on that topic just to validate or invalidate a person like Malu whose opinion no one really takes seriously except to bash her like moi, lol.

It is a tedious process and I am sure it will be very difficult to get the accurate data that you are looking for, but hey it will be great if you can do it.

lui lakbayera said...

thanks, pedestrian....! yup, am serious about the mini-study. malu's statement was just the trigger. (tsaka ginamit ko lang yung "to validate or invalidate" for dramatic effect. hehehe) truth is, i've been developing an interest on the phenomenon of blogging as another medium of mass communication/expression and the characteristics etc. of those who are into blogging. (nakakaintriga kasi, esp the personal blogs.)

i wrote that subjects would be the people behind the philippine top 100 blogs according to technorati. but now i'm having doubts about that after reading connie's comment that technorati's list is links-oriented. she suggested blogjuice, which was used for the 2007 web awards, not very "accurate but not as arbitrary as technorati." blogjuice, she wrote, "combines inbound links with other factors." (joskoh, ganito nga pala kakumplikado ang susuungin kong riserts!) if that's the case, i might probably choose the winners of the 2007 web awards. or, the list found in the i was quite impressed with their "how it works".

a long, long reply to your comment. :) thanks again. uutay-utayin ko but hopefully i won't be undertaking a protracted endeavor.

carry on!

Anonymous said...
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