Tuesday, March 4, 2008

> performance level

i've been wanting to have a vacation from domestic duties and go to my family's hometown in albay.

the mayon volcano photoed from the balcony of my cousin's house in bacacay, albay

last time i went was end of oct till after all soul's day of 2007 to bury my father's sister. (perhaps the aunt timed her passing away during that long vacation so that family members who live in manila could come for the funeral.)

i usually take the bus to albay, specifically cagsawa bus' night trip. but my older sister, who was to travel with me that time, prefers day trips so she could see the view along the way. so i grudgingly approved to do as she wanted despite the knowledge that i would be awake most of the time...and feel all the more the uneasiness of having to sit for long hours in a claustrophobic space... and couldn't even read as i can't do that on any moving vehicle except the big ones like planes, trains and ships.

anyway, bus trip from quezon city to albay takes 12 hours with 2 stopovers for meals and bladder breaks.

now while sorting and organizing my digital photo files for "burning", this rummaging search produces a shot taken during one bladder break (i've forgotten which restaurant but it must be somewhere in quezon province) on that particular trip in oct 2007. get ready --

yup, ladies, "performance level" is ... down and seated. :)


Charlotte said...

I love the picture at the start of your post. What a beautiful place. The restroom was interesting too. I've never heard of Lakbayera before. It's nice to get out of my desert sometimes and visit other places.
Have a great day.

lui lakbayera said...

hi, charlotte! thanks for visiting. the pix at the start of the blog is the active and coned-shaped mayon volcano, found south of the luzon island in the philippines. i coined the word lakbayera and used it as part of my blog name.:) "lakbay" is tagalog for travel/trip and "-era" is a suffix similar to "-er" as in traveler.

btw, i checked the blogroll of bloggerOVER50 yesterday and happened to visit your site. i love your kitchen/breakfast nook -- well-kept, well-lighted and seems so peaceful in your area. and today, i saw and heard your soundflavor music. now i am trying to search for songs i can upload lakbayera trips. thanks for this discovery. let's keep in touch.

chikku said...

lol...i liked that,,,,