Sunday, February 24, 2008

> Pain and meditation-killers

while having a massage before lunch today (please concentrate on my shoulders and my feet, ha....) and the bedmate was watching quiapo "dibidi" of old episodes of grey's anatomy, i hear lines from the show's character, disrupting my massage meditation. character says,

"pain has a reason."

"pain is there to tell us something."

"pain is bad but no pain is better."

leche! pahingi nga ng painkiller!!!!!
(darn! please give me a painkiller!!!!!)


kablog said...

welcome to blogosphere lui! i linked you to my blog!

Randy M. Santa Ana said...

Hi Tita We, glad you finally started your blog. I've also added a link to your blog in mine. Looking forward to more of your posts!

lakbaygulay said...

hi, jake! hi, randy! thanks for your comments and the link. encouraging pala, kung may nagko-comment; lalong nakakaengganyong magblog. totoo lang, hindi ko alam kung paano kayo ililink dito sa blog ko. hindi ko rin alam kung paano magcreate ng community etc. hahaha! virgin pa sa mundong ito pero sinimulan na ang tripping. tira lang nang tira, wala namang panganib di, ba? turuan nyo naman ako, please.

Randy M. Santa Ana said...

Hi again Tita We. To add the widget to a Blogger blog, you need to go to the Layout section and add the "Blog List" page element. Then you need to copy the URL of the other blog that you want to link to and paste it there. Sorry, I can't really remember how it was really done, have not been using blogger since I moved to wordpress. But it can be found in the help section too, I guess. Have fun!

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Again, you've been added to the bloggers over 50 blog roll.

You may have to refresh the blog's home page to find your link because of your browsers cookies, but you're now listed with the members.

I hope you can find some lasting blogger friendships through the members....Welcome!!!