Saturday, April 5, 2008

> first pregnant man, could he be half-filipino?

"pregnant man" made headline news recently, eventually grabbing the number 1 spot of top yahoo searches.

people reacted and dismissed the pregnant man to be an april fool's day joke. some said he was a hoax out to monetize his unique condition of "infanticipation".

but the world's first pregnant man, thomas beatie, has proven via oprah's show that he is for real.

thomas beatie, 34 from oregon (usa) and married to nancy, declared: I am transgender, legally male, and legally married to Nancy.... (read more at the huffington post, one of the first sources of the news, and yahoo news where i first read the story.) before tranferring to oregon, he actively advocated gay rights in hawaii.

but it seems thomas is not the first man to get pregnant. reports a certain matt rice who sired a son in 1999.

but what really intrigued and triggered me to stop my housework this saturday morning, do some investigation and write this post is thomas beatie's origins, photos and former name.

he was born and raised in hawaii where citizens/migrants of filipino ancestry are a-plenty. he definitely looks asian. his original legal name is tracy lagondino which sounds very filipino.

i flipped the pages of our philippine phone directory. there is no lagondino. but there are 3 listed as lagundino.

the first minute of the first of the 5 part video of oprah's interview confirms that his father is asian. could he be a half-filipino?

watch the rest of the interview:
video 2/5
video 3/5
video 4/5
video 5/5

oprah described thomas' choice as "a new definition of what diversity means for everybody." thomas declared at oprah's show: "Love makes a family. That's all that matters."

often times, i would say how i wish man and woman were created with the same ability to impregnate and get pregnant. both can have the option to decide on "who will get pregnant this time?". thus both can experience how to breastfeed and care for the baby besides gaining weight, getting those stretchmarks all over the belly, having pre- and post natal blues, being perceived as unsexy etcetera, etcetera, ad nauseum. if that were so, we MIGHT have more balanced and harmonious man-woman relationships and thus happier marriages.

what d'ya think?

(blogger's note: yesterday, i got a comment on this post saying the filipino channel reported thomas is a filipino. this monday morning, i saw the abs-cbn north america bureau news in the network's local channel in manila, reporting that wife nancy confirmed that thomas' father is indeed a filipino. nancy refused to name the father and reveal what part of the philippines he is from. -- 4/7/08)


Anonymous said...

My dad saw in TFC that he IS filipino.

Jake said...

Korek! May dugong Pinoy s'ya! Kung may kasabihan tayong "Only in the Philippines", tama bang sabihing namang, "Only the Filipinos", LOL

Jake said...

lui, hinanap ko yung sinasabi mong mahabang comment sa'yo, hindi naman pala mahaba eh, mega haba! baka thesis n'ya, or baka nagre-research, o baka may "sisa" complex?

Aisha said...

Only in the Philippines comment made me laugh!

geek said...

Well rock on and more power to him!